Mapping the carbon leaders of the electricity world

Understanding the "how" in sustainable investment

When constructing a sustainable investment portfolio, the temptation is often to exclude all companies who are operating within carbon-intensive sectors, such as utilities. However, this negative screening approach will often exclude, unnecessarily in our view, enticing investment opportunities.

Making sustainable investments

In this report, we evaluate 40 of the largest US and European electric utility companies and by using a positive screening approach, rank companies within the sector and select those who are most advanced in their low-carbon journey. These Carbon Leaders have the potential to enhance returns without compromising the principles of sustainability investing. 

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Mayank Buttan

With over 10 years of fundamental investment research experience, Mayank is responsible for overseeing project and client engagements with Investment Banks, Corporate Finance Houses, M&A Advisory Firms, Hedge Funds and Private Equity Firms.

He has experience in conducting business and financial research, and providing sustainability support in various industries, including Industrials, Consumer, Technology,
and Healthcare IT.

Mayank, a CFA Level III candidate, holds a Post-graduate degree in Management (Finance) and a Bachelor degree in Science (Electronics).