Smart Risk

Continuously monitoring events and risk in your supply chain

Smart Risk provides Category and Risk Managers with bespoke, real-time supply chain risk monitoring supported by dedicated analyst evaluation.

Using the latest techniques in machine learning and natural language processing, our clients around the world are able to predict leading risk indicators and monitor them across a broad spectrum of categories including social media analysis, in a cost efficient and effective way.


Solving your supplier risk challenges

Smart Risk uses news service APIs and algorithmic sentiment analysis to monitor, assess and score worldwide events on a risk scale. 

Our analysts then apply an additional assessment on the automated risk rating to take into account your specific buying situation with that supplier.  This ensures that you can have confidence in not only the broad coverage of events, but that the risk rating of each event is relevant to your business.

We report across a range of risk categories including financial, operational, compliance, strategic and country risk making it ideal for monitoring your high risk suppliers. We also offer predictive and preventive analytics of external risk events to identify early warning signs and suggest actions to avoid problems in the future. 

Smart Risk is a cloud based product, hosted on Amazon Web Services and with no need to download software or any installation costs.

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How Smart Risk can help


Customised Alerts

Analyst + Machine approach ensures the right people in your organisation get the right alerts 


Leading Risk Indicators

We’re not just assessing risk today. We also use predictive and preventive analytics to identify leading indicators of risk so you can be prepared


Get the "So What?"

Our experienced analysts suggest action items for your specific situation so that you are always on top of every critical event


Who We Are

We’re a team of more than 20 people who all share a passion for creating clever data-driven technology that helps procurement professionals.  We have completed 5000+ supplier risk studies covering 150+ internal and external risk parameters.

We use cutting edge technology to help you get customised risk alerts. We’ve been working with procurement professionals for over a decade, so we really understand the challenges you face, every day.  We’re here to help.