Smart Fleet

Fully managed fleet data platform

A dynamic fully managed cloud-based platform that delivers fleet managers an accurate, single view of their fleet data. Smart Fleet includes a dedicated assistant to manage your data collection process, which coupled with advanced analytics algorithms, presents a single view of your fleet data at the touch of a button.  Smart Fleet enables quicker and effective decision-making.


White paper: Redefining fleet management through better data management

The global automotive market is buoyant, with the fleet sector making up a huge chunk of these sales. Consequently, fleet managers are being challenged to manage ever greater amounts of data, while reducing cost and ensuring accurate reporting.One strategy is to work with a single supplier to make things easier but this means sacrificing potential cost savings and user choices as a result. But things are changing. In this white paper, we discuss a variety of approaches that can be used to overcome this issue, as well as offering practical suggestions to ensure better data compliance from multiple suppliers.

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How Smart Fleet can help

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Strategic decision making

Save up to 80% of time spent on data collection, cleaning and management; make better decisions through improved completeness of fleet data

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Analyst + Machine approach

Dedicated team and use of advanced analytics to clean, standardise and sense check data from leasing companies


Supplier integration 

An easy-to-use supplier platform to promote data quality and adherence within suppliers/markets


Who We Are

We’re a team of over 20 people who share a passion for creating clever data-driven technology to help procurement professionals. We’ve been working with fleet procurement professionals for nearly a decade, so we really understand the challenges you face every day. We’re here to help!