Procurement Evolved: Beyond Digital

Why the future of procurement demands more than just the right technology


Procurement has undergone a significant transformation over the last few years. In a very short time frame, it has evolved from the ‘cost saving function’ to a strategic risk mitigator, sustainability champion, and value creator. 

A lot of procurement’s evolution is being enabled by digital tools and technologies. But, technology alone can’t solve every challenge faced by today’s procurement teams. To unlock the full strategic and value-creating potential of the modern procurement function, digital capabilities must be carefully applied in ways that augment and extend human expertise.

In the second edition of ‘Procurement Evolved’, The Smart Cube and WNS Denali’s joint white paper, we share our key insights on how you can maximise the potential of the digital procurement opportunity and drive holistic change in your organisation.


  • The key technologies creating transformation opportunities today, including generative AI and cognification
  • Why technology alone isn’t enough to unlock potential, and how to create an environment for success through upskilling, change management, and new processes and workflows
  • How holistic transformation holds the key to long-term value creation and procurement success

This whitepaper aims to help your organisation become digitally enabled and insight-led – and deliver on the lofty expectations placed on modern procurement teams.

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