Personalisation in Retail

The way in which the retail industry conducts business has changed dramatically over recent years. Evidence points not to forward thinking or innovation as the driver for change, but rather a desperate need to compete against the customer-centric experience provided by online retailers.

This white paper explores this trend and what can practically be done to deliver a personalised customer journey.

Delivering a personalisation strategy 

Personalisation drives loyalty and acquisition. It aids conversion and helps deliver a bespoke customer experience, which in turn leads to brand engagement.

Realising that personalisation is key to unlocking user engagement, companies are using  personalisation in more relevant and applicable ways - but not without some challenges

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Ian Jarvis

Based in the UK Ian joined The Smart Cube in 2015 and is Head of Retail. In this current role, he is responsible for the development and growth of our retail offerings and customer base.

Ian, a Chartered IT Professional and member of the British Computer Society (BCS), is a veteran of the retail industry, having spent over 25 years working with some of Europe’s most influential brands. He has had senior roles at Deloitte, Cognizant, Oracle and Standard & Poor’s with a range of leadership, operational and entrepreneurial experience within the Retail & Consumer Goods Sector.

Ian holds a Master of Science (MSc) in Information Technology from Staffordshire University.


Rachit Khare

Rachit designs data solutions for complex client engagements and develops analytics strategies for retail business leaders.

He has been with The Smart Cube for over eight years and has a data science background, with experience across multiple industries, including retail and consumer goods.

Rachit has a Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) in Mechanical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.