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Pharma Outlook 2017

Learn about the big trends impacting the Pharmaceutical industry in 2017 and how evolving business models and regulatory pressures are forcing a change within the industry.

A time of change 

Using our in-house expertise and research we have compiled the latest evolutionary trends and strategies impacting the Pharmaceutical industry in 2017.

As a provider of analytics and research services to 8 out of the top 10 Pharmaceutical companies we have a deep insight into what dominates boardroom agendas as firms take action to address changing dynamics.

Our infographic pulls this analysis into one place, providing you with a Pharmaceutical industry outlook as well as several predictions for the future. 

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Sue Hope

A procurement and supply chain professional with over 10 years of experience gained across the retail and consulting sectors, Sue is responsible for leading the Procurement and Supply Chain practice at The Smart Cube. Sue is also a Non-Executive Director at Rude Health, a company focussed on promoting healthy eating trends.


Prerna Dhawan

Since joining The Smart Cube in 2007 Prerna has occupied a range of roles from Analyst to Client Account Manager and now draws upon this experience in her current position as Vice-President of Client Solutions across Europe and the UK. Regularly mistaken as a Hispanic, despite originating from India, Prerna has finally conceded and is now taking a language course so she can talk back to the people that start speaking at her in Spanish.