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Giving Procurement the edge

Today’s challenging business environment is marked by social and economic uncertainty, weakness and volatility in emerging markets, and increasing geopolitical risk. For Chief Procurement Officers (CPOs), this uncertainty is driving a relentless focus on cost and risk management.

Dramatic changes in the role of the procurement function over recent years have led to a remit that exceeds traditional operational responsibilities, often having a critical impact on shaping business models. The challenge is to continue adding value - addressing new opportunities and risks, and becoming a strategic business function - without increasing overall cost.

Procurement in the digital age 

CPOs need to think differently, evolve and drive new sources of value, over and above the conventional strategies of spend consolidation and supply base restructuring.

This white paper explores the three key themes – data, technology and people – which have dominated the procurement debate in 2017. It sheds light on the challenges of implementing digital strategies, with potential solutions to help CPOs move ahead on their digital journeys.

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