The new procurement paradigm

How AI+HI can enable new adaptive, value-focused and data-driven ways of working

Key Highlights

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an immense,
transformative impact on Procurement. When supply chains ground to a halt and global lockdowns made it virtually impossible for millions of organisations to operate, leading Procurement teams stepped up to help their businesses weather the storm.

By rapidly adapting supplier portfolios, mitigating business and operational risk, and sourcing critical resources at speed, Procurement showed the world that it isn’t just a cost-saving team. It’s a strategic function, capable of delivering significant business value in numerous ways.

In this white paper, we discuss five targeted evolutions that can come together to create new ways of working across Procurement.

1. Aligning Procurement with corporate and strategic goals

2. Evolving away from traditional models of Procurement ownership

3. Evolving the role of category managers

4. Embed ecosystem-led digitalisation

5. Fly the plane as you build it 


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