Industrials Megatrends 2023

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Key Highlights

The Industrials sector has experienced significant disruption over the past year.

Geopolitical tensions coupled with trade protectionism steps across the globe are forcing companies to re-strategise their whole supply chain. Ongoing energy challenges have also impacted businesses’ decarbonisation journeys and restricted the ability of most countries to move swiftly towards their net-zero goals.

To help Industrial procurement teams understand the key recent challenges, our new Industrials Megatrends 2023 infographic explores:

  •   Decarbonisation and increasing focus on sustainable procurement practices
  •   Supply chain volatility amid ongoing geopolitical disruptions, rising raw material costs and logistics challenges
  •   Rising trade protectionism and its impact on global procurement activities
  • How battery mineral-rich countries are planning to form cartels to drive prices and control the overall supply chain

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