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Taking Procurement Digital

A practical guide to implementing a digital-forward procurement strategy.

It’s a hot new buzzword and everyone at every conference is talking about it. There are promises – “digital procurement will transform your team and how you work with your stakeholders” – and there are threats – “digital will eliminate the procurement department in another 20 years”.

As with any new development, there is a lot of confusion around it, and certainly plenty of questions: What exactly is digital procurement? Why is it important? How do I take advantage of it? Will it require significant investment? Do I need a digital strategy? How do I embed it into my plans?

Defining digital in your organisation

This white paper provides a practical guide to implementing a digital-forward procurement strategy and answers key questions such as:

- What does digital really mean in the context of procurement?

- What value can it bring?

- How can I develop a digital-forward procurement      strategy?

- Where is the market headed?


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