Assessing Water Risk: A focus on the F&B industry within emerging markets

Water has been ranked as one of the top global risks for the past 7 years by the World Economic Forum and the UN had predicted a 40% shortage in global water supply by 2030. The increasing issues of water scarcity, water pollution, droughts and floods are becoming a serious threat to the long-term sustainability of companies’ growth and profitability in many countries –pushing investors to be on the lookout for water-related risks in their portfolios and across industries of potential interest.

How water risk is being dealt with 

Sustainable access and the usage of water are both emerging as key environmental considerations. Water additionally amounts to a tangible operational and financial risk for many sectors globally.

In this study, The Smart Cube has focused on understanding how the top food & beverage companies in emerging markets are dealing with water risk and identify those with high water risk. After examining the practices of the top 30 publicly listed F&B companies (by market cap) in emerging markets, one thing is clear – investors need to focus above all on a company’s risk-mitigation strategies for truly understanding its water risk. 

Note to the reader:

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