How analytics can help U.S. grocery retailers win in a rapidly-changing market

For American grocers, doing business has never been tougher. Downward pressure on prices and margins continues. Competitive challenges from new entrants and old foes are growing. And a fundamental shift in American consumers’ priorities, preferences and shopping habits is changing the rules of engagement.

In this paper, we explore how they can take advantage of the latest analytics tools to give customers experiences that keep them coming back, tackle the challenges that hit profit margins the hardest, and stay one step ahead of their competitors.

Can U.S. grocery retailers keep up?

In this white paper, we focus on:

- How a growing set of challenges are changing the dynamics of the U.S. grocery market

- Why advanced analytics could hold the key to overcoming these challenges and responding quickly as the market evolves

- How grocery retailers can use analytics to improve the customer experience, increase profitability, and remain competitive into the future

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