The rise of the machines - how AI and machine learning are taking hold

The days of relying on human effort and intellect alone are now far behind us. With machine learning and artificial intelligence entering the mainstream, financial institutions needs to take advantage of these new technologies.

A time of change 

With the investment industry on the cusp of some major structural changes human asset managers and research analysts need to adapt to the changing environment.

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Bhavna Khurana

With more than 11 years of financial and investment research experience, Bhavna is the client solutions architect for the Financial Services practice of The Smart Cube.

In her role, she acts as the relationship manager for key client accounts and is responsible for business development and designing of new financial research products and services for the practice. Bhavna is a certified Chartered Accountant (India) and a CFA charterholder. After spending more than 7 years in The Smart Cube’s Financial Research team in India, Bhavna now leads our financial services client solutions team from Chicago.